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And the moral to the story is…I/you/we, don’t have to BE anything or DO anything different than what we already ARE. Through all of the ups and the downs, the successes, triumphs and downright disasters on my path, I have awoken to the fact of not knowing where I will end up next. As I chuckle to myself, to realize, that this is not the end of the dream. It is just the beginning. I have been enlightened to the fact, that where I go from here is just a part of the journey. Not a destination of sorts but the continuation, of realizing what my life, my purpose, is truly all about.
I AM a living testimony of what being a “survivor” truly means. And it’s about me being here in this moment, to share this story with you, so that you might have hope and faith and learn to trust your higher self and to see the bigger picture, a broader understanding of who you really are.

You are a survivor too. Yes, we ALL are. Everyday a new beginning a new chance that we are each being given. Just take a deep breath, open your eyes and look all around you. Listen to your heart and keep moving on. One foot in front of the other, baby steps…

And with true gratitude for it all, take another deep breath and a sigh of relief and go on.

Life is never simple, or complete with one move here or another move there…another love lost or another surgery through. Another match, another race won or lost, another job well done. Because “at the end of the day”, as my son would say, life continues on my friend. And it’s all just a part of the journey. And it’s all about what you take in and what you give back, what you share and who’s life you can touch in a positive way. Who can you tell that it’s all going to be okay? It’s all going to work out and that everything truly does work together for the good. Stay strong, believe, you’ll make it.

Live and love “in the moment”, as the journey continues on”.