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Gaining Inner Strength

Up until now I have been sharing on the doing of things which require much inner strength. So, you might be saying to me right now…”Yes that’s all well and good Char, but how do I do such things as you are suggesting”?
And that’s a good question. It’s just not so easy to step out of that illusion of the box which you feel entrapped inside. It’s a matter of will. Self belief that you can do it. No matter how hard it might feel. The walls are hardened over time and the floor feels solid and you are gasping for air just to breathe. I know.
This feeling is ingrained in your old belief system. Imagine the walls softening around your body. The floor is becoming more flexible. And in your mind you see yourself starting to poke holes through the walls and dancing on the floor. Then your awareness shifts into the present moment where you are suddenly, somehow standing outside the illusionary box. Looking at it collapsed all around you. You breathe in the fresh air and see the light once again. You are free.
Free to be you again.
Char Murphy