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This quote is so profound. So inspirational, so deep, rich and thought provoking, I must sit with it a moment to reflect upon myself. For you and I, we are like butterflies. You indeed, may be a seasoned flyer, with golden wings of woven tapestry, choosing wisely, where to alight very carefully and purpose-full with intent. I, may having just morphed out of the chrysalis fully into the light…eagerly attempting flights of exciting discoveries, still learning whence and where to land. And how long to linger…Butterflies are silent, yet powerful indeed. Our power lies in our wisdom, in the silence within…which needs no voice to speak. Light and gracefully soaring through air, inspiring through  the whispers of our wings, here and there. Listen very carefully…in the silence, of your soul…and you may, hear us. 🦋🦋🦋

What calls a butterfly to land?

Char Murphy