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byChar Murphy


When I close my eyes, I see and smell roses;

The flower of peace, hope, and love;

I feel peace in the midst of unrest;

I see togetherness in the days of separation;

I feel love in the midst of violence and hatred;

I feel hope, where there once was none;

I believe in the power of love, hope, faith, and peace;

I hear humanity’s plea for equality and breath;

I see strength in peace, unity, together we rise;

I have beliefs so strong, they steer my ship to calmer waters;

The waters where depth of inner knowing is clear;

Feelings of clarity in spite of confusion;

Though upon appearance is murky at best;

In spite of negativity, I choose positivity, love, faith, truth, hope, peace;

The hope in believing in our ultimate destination;

Our allusive goals promised;

The peace of knowing, love and hope will indeed reign high;

No matter what the naysayers may proclaim;

Stay the course my friends and choose to believe;

Have hope,

Share love,

Believe in the power of hope, love, beauty,  strength, and courage; the power that lies