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byChar Murphy In light of more recent developments in the US, additional police arrests for homicide reported; officers and citizens marching side by side peacefully; violent rioting and looting calling for positive changes in our social system; the family of a...


byChar Murphy BELIEVE When I close my eyes, I see and smell roses; The flower of peace, hope, and love; I feel peace in the midst of unrest; I see togetherness in the days of separation; I feel love in the midst of violence and hatred; I feel hope, where there once...


–ARE WE WILLING? BY Char Murphy In the Face of ViolenceDeathAnxiety FearPanicControlGreedHateJudgment… a Somber  Day it IS Indeed. Can You, Will We as a  Civilized  Society, Remove...

My Radio Interview on The Neil Haley Show

Check out my interview with national syndicated host Neil S. Haley

IAOTP Award Winner is Char Murphy

Keep inspiring, keep shining, keep being you!…/…/1734025026#CharMurphy #UnshakeablePower

Quick Manifestation Tool #1 Create Your Dreams Vividly

Are you visualizing your dreams vividly? As if they’re already happening? When you set out to manifest a dream into reality, go so far as to meditate on your exact dream. Define it down to every detail of what you want it to look like. What color and shape does...

Happiness Is

Happiness Is

This quote is so profound. So inspirational, so deep, rich and thought provoking, I must sit with it a moment to reflect upon myself. For you and I, we are like butterflies. You indeed, may be a seasoned flyer, with golden wings of woven tapestry, choosing wisely,...



PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATION OF WOMEN OF EXCELLENCE RECOGNIZED has honored me Charlotte L. Murphy, Woman of Empowerment 2019. I am both thrilled and humbled to accept an honor such as this. Thank you P.O.W.E.R. for everything you do, to help empower all women on their...


“I am gifted to be a survivor. I was born that way, exactly like you.” 

Charlotte MurphY