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“Tips for Transition to Transformation”

Step UP and INTO Your Self Belief and Inner Power

Tips for Transition to Transformation


Are you going through a serious transition or crisis in your life? Maybe from a shocking health diagnosis, losing a loved one, losing a job and maybe even more?



Is it time you took a deep dive within yourself to illuminate any old hidden wounds from your past which may be lurking there in your soul and deal with them?



Are you ready to finally let go of anything which you feel has been keeping you stuck in old worn out habits, holding you back from illumination and aligning with your highest vibration.



Are you ready for a transformation re-aligned with your goals, what you want for your life and magnetize whatever you want to you, allowing yourself to have infinite abundance while expressing your truth, passion, purpose and greatest dreams?


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If you answered YES to any of these questions and are ready to unleash and reclaim your inner power, the gems lying dormant within that make up who you are — today’s your lucky day. In order to spark your illumination, escalate and transform you with strength, courage and grace to the next stage of your life, I have devised 14 days just for you, of powerful “Tips For Transformation” which will help get your life back on track.

14 days of “transition to transformation” to quickly
escalate your life to the next level

Head over to the box above and fill in your name and email address. Your Special Report will be on its way to you shortly. Your first set of tips will be delivered to your Inbox in the next ten minutes.

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Who is Char Murphy?

Charlotte (Char) Murphy, is the International Best-Selling, Inspirational Author of “Unshakeable Power~Through Seasons of the Soul”, Motivational Speaker, four time Breast Cancer Survivor, Founder and CEO of BelieveInspirewithChar Murphy.

Char works with women and men of all ages, who have had enough of life’s seemingly unending trauma, disappointments, sorrow and loss whatever the cause. Many of these individuals are feeling lost on their path. They’re uncertain about who they really are, why they’re here and where they fit in the big scheme of things.

When you work with Char, you will learn where your true power lies, how to harness it, act upon the desires of your heart finding your true purpose, abundance, passion and joy for life again.

Char has been where you might be finding yourself right now and knows all too well about life’s curveballs, dealing with one thing after the other- from serious emotional abuse growing up, to surviving breast cancer four times, to losing everything- including her home, husband, law career, business and self-identity. Yet even so, she was able to dig deep within herself to re-discover her inner power, voice, courage and perseverance to start all over again, re-building her life with nothing, but her grit and pure determination to not let anything stop her.

She once again rose above all of these situations to being named Top Inspirational Author of the Year by the International Association of Top Professionals (IAOTP) for her outstanding leadership and commitment to the industry. She has been the recipient of many other prestigious awards in her lifetime, but counts her greatest blessings to be those of helping you and others like you, through life crises, rebuilding your life, regaining your sense of accomplishment, self belief, strength in knowing who you truly are, to go on and live the life of your dreams.

Char Murphy