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“I recreate myself each and every day as I unearth new learning about the real ME and discover more power within.” ~ Char Murphy

Char’s passion and mission in life is and has always been to empower and inspire women to know that they are beautiful in their own special way and more courageous and stronger than they know.

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Inspirational Author and Speaker, Attorney, Breast Cancer Survivor

Char Murphy

Char Murphy is a four-time Breast Cancer survivor, inspirational author, motivational speaker, and founder of BelieveInspireWithCharMurphy.

Char’s determination is second to none and as a single mom she put herself through law school at age 32. After 15 years of running a successful law firm she became ill and lost it all. After years of confusion, thinking she had lost her whole identity as a well-known attorney, Char learned what her true identity was.


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Unshakeable Power

From pages out of time Charlotte Murphy reaches back to bring forth wisdom she must share with you, her readers. Wisdom gained from both successes and hardships to inspire, to give hope, to those who may be lost on their path in life.

Char’s Latest Writings


byChar Murphy In light of more recent developments in the US, additional police arrests for homicide reported; officers and citizens marching side by side peacefully; violent rioting and looting calling for positive changes in our social system; the family of a...


byChar Murphy BELIEVE When I close my eyes, I see and smell roses; The flower of peace, hope, and love; I feel peace in the midst of unrest; I see togetherness in the days of separation; I feel love in the midst of violence and hatred; I feel hope, where there once...


“The gemstones of their greatness truly lie within them just waiting to be discovered. Dig deeper within yourself to find them. Bring them to the surface and harness them for the greatest good of all.” 

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